Ginetta G40

Launched in 2010 the Ginetta G40 was named Autosport National Car of the Year. This is a road legal car with race pedigree, shorter than modern superminis it is only 1642mm wide and the roof is just 1145mm from the ground.

Weighing 880kg when fully fuelled it's chassis is a tubular steel roll cage that is fully FIA approved.

The G40 is fitted with double wishbone suspension all round with coil springs, adjustable dampers, and adjustable anti-roll bars. The bodywork is glass-fibre.


Sealed Ford 4-cylinder Zetec


​135 bhp


​125mph top speed

​T45 tubular chassis and an integral safety cage built to FIA standards

​FIA approved driver’s seat and harnesses

​ATL 45 litre FIA approved fuel cell

​Performance 5 speed syncro-mesh gearbox

​Sealed Quaife ATB differential

​Controlled semi-slick racing tyres

​Controlled adjustable damper

​Rear wing

​7” x 17” wheels

​Two camera V-box logging system

Internal soundproofing

​Air conditioning

Ginetta G40 Cup racing cars in action
Ginetta race winner with trophies