Renault Clio for Race Car Preparation

How long does it take to convert a road car to a race car?

It the case of Josh Barber’s Renault Clio three weeks is all we have! Josh is a young guy keen to get on track. Having just past his ARDS test and bought the Clio there were only three weeks to the first race he has entered in at Cadwell Park.

Josh has entered into the Pre 2005 championship of the Classic Touring Car Racing Club. The rules of this championship are designed to keep costs down by keeping cars to near standard form. This has meant the work on the car is mostly to comply with safety standards. The starting point was to strip the car of its interior trim, seats, carpets etc. Then came the biggest job, to build the roll cage.

That is where the car is now, race seats, race harness seat belts and fire extinguisher will go in next. The finished car and news from Josh’s first race will be updated on this site in a few weeks.

Renault Clio interior stripped Renault Clio roll cage during assembly


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