Race Engine Build, Tuning and Refreshes

SVG Motor Sport

At the heart of every great race or rally car is its engine. SVG Motor Sport can undertake all aspects of engine builds from a mid-season refresh to a complete strip-down and rebuild.

Engine machining work is also carried out and all engines are built using the highest quality components from all the leading manufacturers and can be mapped, run-in, dyno or rolling road tested and tuned as required.

Because we at SVG are passionate about motorsport you can be sure that we take the utmost of care and pride in our work and our aim is to provide you with an engine you can be proud of in a machine that will be tested to its limits. There's no use in making do and settling for an engine that only ever works at 70% of its true capacity so let the professionals get involved and we'll give you that little bit extra to help you shave seconds off your lap times or be better equipped to execute the perfect overtaking manoeuvre.

Whether you'd like a refresh for your road car or a monster rebuild for your track day racing project you can count on SVG's experienced and fully trained team of expert race car mechanics to deliver you an engine like no other!

To find out more about the complete range of engine rebuild and refresh services offered by SVG simply give us a call today and we'll be only too happy to talk you through the many options available. You can reach us on 01342 717282 or pop down and see us in Sharpthorne where we can take a look at your car in person.

Alternatively why not ask us about body repairssuspension setup or roll cage installation?

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Race Engine Builders

Rolling Road Sussex

At SVG Motor Sport we can offer you one the most important parts of your race or track day car preparation, power benchmarking. With our rolling road service, you can get an accurate measurement of your cars power, perfect for analysing power gains from new upgrades or a starting point for a new project.

Call:​ 01342 717282 to book a rolling road session.