Jaguar Mk2 Sprint and Hillclimb car

Jaguar Mk2 Competition Car – Part 2

Jaguar Mk2 Competition Car – Part 2 800 533 Steve SVG

Charles Evans’ Mk2 Jaguar has been back to the SVG workshop for some further modifications. Completed already during this visit is the fitting of a front anti-roll bar. Although this was a product meant for this car SVG found it snagged on the suspension when under lock so it has been relocated.

The handbrake, usually located to the right of the driver’s seat, had always been a problem on this car. Constant adjustment of the rear brakes was required to keep it working but the fitment of a hydraulic handbrake has cured this problem. The handbrake is now positioned to the more usual position in the centre of the car.

A racing pedal box has also been fitted to the car. It was a fairly complicated procedure as space for the pedals is very limited. The brakes will now be fully adjustable allowing bais to be moved between the front and rear brakes. This will help the cars handling by being able to dial in or out over-steer or under-steer to suit the driver or circuit.

Modifications still to do during this visit are to extend the rear roll cage to the front, which will sadly mean cutting into the lovely wooden dashboard. The engines head is to be removed and sent off for some performance modifications.

An update on the Jaguars modifications and how it performs on track will be added during the season. Click here to read the first post.

Jaguar Mk2 racing pedal box

The Jags new racing pedal box was a tight fit

Jaguar Mk2 hydraulic handbrake

The new hydraulic handbrake

Jaguar Mk2 front anti-roll bar

Repositioned front anti-roll bar

Jaguar Mk2 engine

The Jaguars soon to be modified engine