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This stunning Cobra kit car was bought at auction. Beautifully presented and with a v12 Jaguar engine under the bonnet, it’s easy to see why the owner had snapped this one up. On the road, however, it was clear was something seriously wrong with the car’s handling. On quick examination, the camber on the front wheels wasn’t the same.

On the road, anything above 50mph and things started to get worrying. Coming out of a bend the car would either want to carry on turning or start turning the other way as the front wheels weren’t always pointing in the same direction. On closer inspection, the front suspension on the drivers’ side was completely out of alignment with some bent components.

In addition, the springs and dampers were found to be so warn that it was no longer possible to adjust them. SVG replaced the springs and dampers and realigned the suspension and now the car handles as good as it looks and sounds.

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