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JSCC Citroen Saxo being built for Frankie Taylor

SVG Run Frankie Taylor in JSCC

SVG Run Frankie Taylor in JSCC 700 467 Steve SVG

SVG has joined forces with Frankie Taylor to run a Citroen Saxo in the 2018 Junior Saloon Car Championship (JSCC). Frankie has been successfully racing carts for the last few seasons and proved himself to be a winner. Having turned 14 in December 2017 he is now eligible for the JSCC, an excellent platform on which to launch his car racing career. Frankie’s aim is to run in the JSCC for a couple of seasons to learn his craft and gain experience. From here with the help of his main sponsor, Metro Deconstruction Ltd, he will progress to the Clio Cup or the Ginetta G40 Cup championship.

SVG has sourced an excellent Saxo on which to build Frankie’s car. SVG will work with Frankie throughout the season, transporting and setting up the car for each circuit and maintaining the car throughout and between events.

Frankie Taylor Racing LogoWe will add more news on Frankie and the SVG run Saxo as he tackles the 2018 JSCC. He has promised the car’s livery will be the best on the grid, watch this space as we add more photos as the car is readied for action.

JSCC Citroen Saxo new engine installation

The Saxo’s new engine has been installed

JSCC Citroen Saxo interior stripped ready for new seats

Interior stripped ready for the roll cage to be installed

Frankie Taylor Go Karting
Ford Mondeo BTCC Super Touring roll cage build

Bespoke Roll Cage for Tall Driver

Bespoke Roll Cage for Tall Driver 700 394 Steve SVG

Super Touring Ford Mondeo Roll Cage

SVG Motor Sport has lots of requests to build and fit roll cages in all sorts of race cars. Some are pre-made and SVG install them but many are bespoke roll cages that SVG design, make and fit meeting all the appropriate regulatory and safety standards.

A slightly unusual request came from the owner of this BTCC Super Touring Ford Mondeo replica. He had contacted several car preparation businesses who were only able to fit pre-made roll cages, a solution that would normally have been adequate for this car but for one problem – the driver is very, very tall. More basketball player than race driver in stature a standard roll cage would make access to the car almost impossible and he would hit his head on the top bar.

The only solution was to build this bespoke roll cage. This car is not a race car although the roll cage is built to FIA standards and would meet the sporting regulations if it were raced. The car is shown at Ford car shows all over the country and is a replica of the BTCC Super Touring cars driven by Alain Menu, Anthony Reid, and Rickard Rydell. Alain Menu won his second Super Touring championship in one and Ford the BTCC manufacturer’s championship and it is a very popular car at the shows.

The driver’s seat was positioned as low and as far back as possible and SVG designed the roll cage that had the center, top bar further back than normal. The door bars are also lower than standard to enable access to the cabin, but all the modifications are within the regulations. Once installed the roll cage was painted in situ, a complicated job when there can not be any overspray.


Ford Mondeo BTCC Super Touring roll cage buildFord Mondeo BTCC Super Touring roll cage buildFord Mondeo BTCC Super Touring roll cage buildFord Mondeo BTCC Super Touring roll cage buildFord Mondeo BTCC Super Touring roll cage build Ford Mondeo BTCC Super Touring roll cage build Ford Mondeo BTCC Super Touring roll cage build

BMW E46 Track Day Car Rollcage

BMW Track Day Car Roll Cage

BMW Track Day Car Roll Cage 700 700 Steve SVG

This BMW E46 is a Track Day car. It came to SVG Motor Sport for this very flashy roll cage. Neatly fitted into the BMWs dashboard the cage was designed, built and painted by us before we installed into the car. While we had the car we also swapped over the controls from the cars original steering wheel to the new wheel which was re-trimmed in Alcantara.
The car left the garage and headed straight to Europe for track days at the Spa Francorchamps and Nürburgring circuits.

BMW E46 Track Day Car Rollcage BMW E46 Track Day Car Rollcage BMW E46 Track Day Car Rollcage

Rob Morgan's Ginetta at Zandvoort

Ginetta Update

Ginetta Update 800 533 Steve SVG

The stable of SVG Motor Sport run Ginettas continues to grow with the addition of a fifth car. All running in either the GRDC or GRDC+ championships we are also looking at running some of the cars at other events they are eligible to enter.

SVG recently made the trip to Zandvoort in the Netherlands with the GRDC+ car of Rob Morgan. This was the Ginetta Championships annual overseas trip and included three races over the course of the weekend.

It proved to be a challenging weekend for both Rob and SVG as they experienced a gearbox problem during one of the races. The Ginetta package includes a supply of spares at race meetings so a replacement gearbox was available. A quick change between races meant they could complete the weekend and score points in all three rounds.

Back in the SVG workshop, the Ginetta gearbox is now out and ready to be returned, and a new gearbox is being prepared for Rob’s car.

The championship now heads to Brands Hatch and then Donington Park, both events using the full GP circuits.

Ginetta GRDC+ repairs
Ginetta gearbox
New Ginetta clutch
Ginetta GRDC+ repairs
Renault Clio for Race Car Preparation

How long does it take to convert a road car to a race car?

How long does it take to convert a road car to a race car? 800 533 Steve SVG

It the case of Josh Barber’s Renault Clio three weeks is all we have! Josh is a young guy keen to get on track. Having just past his ARDS test and bought the Clio there were only three weeks to the first race he has entered in at Cadwell Park.

Josh has entered into the Pre 2005 championship of the Classic Touring Car Racing Club. The rules of this championship are designed to keep costs down by keeping cars to near standard form. This has meant the work on the car is mostly to comply with safety standards. The starting point was to strip the car of its interior trim, seats, carpets etc. Then came the biggest job, to build the roll cage.

That is where the car is now, race seats, race harness seat belts and fire extinguisher will go in next. The finished car and news from Josh’s first race will be updated on this site in a few weeks.

Renault Clio interior stripped Renault Clio roll cage during assembly

Peugeot 306 GTi Race Car

Track day Peugeot becomes race car

Track day Peugeot becomes race car 800 533 Steve SVG

This Peugeot hatchback belongs to Rahim Baloo who is taking the step up from track days to novice race driver. His Peugeot 306 has come to SVG Motor Sport for the conversion from track day car to race car.

The main upgrades required are to meet the MSA safety standards. These include the build and installation of the roll cage. A race seat and five-point racing harness seat belts along with plumbed in fire extinguisher were also fitted.

To help the car handle better on track adjustable suspension struts have been installed. This will enable SVG to add more camber to the front wheels.

The car will be raced in the Classic Touring Car Racing Club’s Pre 2005 championship.

Peugeot 306 GTi race car roll cage Adjustable strut tops in a Peugeot 306 race car

Mk1 Ford Escort

Mk1 Escort Cosworth

Mk1 Escort Cosworth 800 533 Steve SVG

This looked like an immaculate and a well-sorted car when it arrived in the SVG Motor Sport workshop. The preparation had been done to a high standard but a few things were not quite right.

The main problem centred around the extra wide transmission tunnel. This Escort runs a Cosworth engine and the tunnel had to accommodate a larger transmission. The driver’s seat had been mounted above the wider tunnel and this meant the drivers touched the roof! SVG altered the transmission tunnel and fabricated a new floor that the seat could be mounted to keeping it as low as possible in the car.

New throttle bodies were also fitted. The attention to detail on the car is to show standards and in keeping with the clean and minimalist look, the throttle cable had to be hidden. It has been rerouted so as not to pass over the engine and kept it out of site.

The Cosworth engine was also suffering from overheating and an expansion tank has been installed.

The next job on SVG’s list is to extend the bubble arches to accommodate the larger wheels being fitted to the car. Keep an eye on the site for the final images of the car before it is returned to the customer.

Mk1 Ford Escort Cosworth Engine Mk1 Ford Escort interiorMk1 Ford Escort

Jaguar Mk2 race car at Goodwood

Jaguar Mk2 Competition Car

Jaguar Mk2 Competition Car 800 533 Steve SVG

This beautiful Jaguar is campaigned by Charles Evans and used for sprints and hill climbs. SVG look after the car and prepare it for Charles between events.

SVG are about to undertake a series of safety upgrades to the car to bring it up to MSA race specification. The upgrades will include updating the roll cage and fitting plumbed-in fire extinguishers. The brakes will be overhauled and will have uprated brake callipers fitted.

An upgrade to make the car easier to handle will be the fitting of n electric power steering system.
Progress and more details of the car’s upgrades will be added to the site in the coming weeks.
Jaguar Mk2 race car at Goodwood

Custom Cages Official Centre

Custom Cages Official Centre

Custom Cages Official Centre 598 264 Steve SVG

In addition to our bespoke roll cage building services, we are also a Custom Cages Official Centre. The UK’s leading manufacturer of roll cages for motorsport, Custom Cages have been designing and building roll cages for 30 years and supply some of the top race series in national and international motorsport.

As an official Custom Cages Fitting Centre, SVG Motor Sport are approved to supply and fit their roll cages. We can help you select the right Custom Cages roll cage for your car. They have a large number of designs, certified by the MSA and FIA.

Custom Cages are designed using the latest CAD software, CNC bending machines and plasma cutting equipment. They also have a unique cold cutting system developed by themselves.

Call 01342 717282 to discuss roll cages with Andy or Craig.

Sierra Cosworth Engine

Clubman Race Car Build

Clubman Race Car Build 750 500 Steve SVG

A recently completed project for SVG Motor Sport is this Sierra XR4 4×4 Cosworth. This one was built to compete in the Classic Touring Car Racing Club (CTCRC).

The car is a very good base for a clubmans race car. With its four-wheel drive and Cosworth power, it should be a competitive package without too much modification.

It was brought to SVG as a car already prepared for racing but it became apparent very quickly that there was one issue that needed fixing straight away. The rollcage was not only poorly constructed it used the wrong tubing. Rollcages must be built from seamless tubes. This one not only had seams some of the joints were only partially welded.

Craig Rainer, our rollcage builder, commented:

It would be like having an accident in a car full of javlins! If the seams didn’t break apart the welds certainly would and all this metal would be floating around in the car.

So the first job was to cut out the old cage and build a new one. The next stage was to bring the rest of the car up to current regulations with new racing seat, harnesses and fire extinguisher.

The car is now ready to race in 2017, watch this space as we will bring you updates as it hits the track with the CTCRC.


Sierra Cosworth Rollcage

Sierra Cosworth race car rollcage build

Sierra Cosworth race car rollcage build

Sierra Cosworth race car rollcage build

Sierra Cosworth race car rollcage

Sierra Cosworth race car rollcage seatbelt mounts

Sierra Cosworth race car rollcage

Corbeau race seat

Sierra Cosworth plumbed in fire extinguisher

Sierra Cosworth Corbeau Race Seat