Mk1 Escort Cosworth

Mk1 Ford Escort

Mk1 Escort Cosworth

Mk1 Escort Cosworth 800 533 Steve SVG

This looked like an immaculate and a well-sorted car when it arrived in the SVG Motor Sport workshop. The preparation had been done to a high standard but a few things were not quite right.

The main problem centred around the extra wide transmission tunnel. This Escort runs a Cosworth engine and the tunnel had to accommodate a larger transmission. The driver’s seat had been mounted above the wider tunnel and this meant the drivers touched the roof! SVG altered the transmission tunnel and fabricated a new floor that the seat could be mounted to keeping it as low as possible in the car.

New throttle bodies were also fitted. The attention to detail on the car is to show standards and in keeping with the clean and minimalist look, the throttle cable had to be hidden. It has been rerouted so as not to pass over the engine and kept it out of site.

The Cosworth engine was also suffering from overheating and an expansion tank has been installed.

The next job on SVG’s list is to extend the bubble arches to accommodate the larger wheels being fitted to the car. Keep an eye on the site for the final images of the car before it is returned to the customer.

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