Suspension and Brakes

For race cars and rally cars

The art of a quick lap or stage time comes down to suspension and brake set-up. SVG Motor Sport only use components from the world's leading manufacturers of shock absorbers, springs, and brake design.

With top quality components fitted SVG can then set up your car using the latest technology in corner weighing and tracking. To make a car handle well it is important to get the weight distribution right. It’s not about the weight overall, but where the weight is that counts. 

By changing the weight distribution on the car you can affect the way the car handles when cornering. Put very basically, too much weight at the front will result in understeer and too much at the back will cause oversteer. 

With the results from a corner weight test, SVG can work out how best to set up your car to achieve the best performance.

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Intercomp weight distribution scales
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