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Citroen C1 24 Hours

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The Citroen C1 24 hour endurance race takes place on the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit. 60+ C1s driven by club racers compete in this fun, low-cost endurance series. The cars are standard first-generation Citroen C1s. Modifications are tightly controlled with engines and transmissions being kept standard. Only the club supplied modifications are allowed to the suspension. The modifications are designed to reduce tyre wear.

In the 2021 event, Andy Johnson joined forces with ex-Ginetta drivers Robert Morgan, Steve Moore and Andy Ball. They entered the event just to have some fun. While tucking into a prerace stake and chips they noticed other teams were practising their pit stops and driver changes. Perhaps others were taking this slightly more seriously and could explain the 56th spot on the grid of 58 cars!

Andy’s first stint in the car was a bit of an eye-opener. Not only had he not raced in six years, but it was also the first time he had driven the car and there had been no testing. A very busy season for SVG meant Andy could only finish preparing his car on the day before the event! But the teams’ experience showed and they converted 56th to 27th after 404 laps were completed over the 24 hours.

His years race will be 20 – 22 May 2022 – Silverstone GP

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